Thursday, April 17, 2014

55% of Jakarta Citizens Groundwater Use

JAKARTA - PT Jakarta Propertindo Director , Budi Karya , said water service pipes through privately managed , PT Palyja and PT Aetra , to date only reaching 45 percent of the capital city.

" The remaining 55 per cent , still using ground water . Means that the right to water for the people of Jakarta are still not being met as a whole , " said Budi Joeang Building , Menteng , Central Jakarta , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) .

In addition , the rates have continued to rise even become a burden to society . So , who can enjoy clean water only their upper middle economic levels , while the poor have to " bite the fingers " . " That is why , we, the governor ordered enterprises to acquire Palyja that is declared to be sold , " he explained .
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However , the plan was in fact not as easy as expected. To purchase the entire stock of water in order to re -run the country , is still hampered by a binding legal contract that has been running since 1998 and continues to be extended until now . " Not necessarily terminate it . Must use a clever way to break down the problem , the Business to Business ( B to B ) , no matter the administration , between the pure and Jakpro Palyja . By providing a better return than using other means than immediately terminate the contract , " he said .

Director of PAM Jaya Sri Widiyanto Kedari said intervene Jakpro use the B to B , is expected to enable the Government to acquire the cheaper price . " Why do not PAM Jaya alone are acquired ? Because we are tied to an agreement . And have to pay approximately Rp 3 , 7 trillion to buy . Jakpro But if through enterprises , can be much lower approximately Rp2 , 1 trillion , " he said .

And to date , it has not yet materialized acquisition . In fact , the city government has Palyja takeover target by the end of 2013 ago .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Observer : Should JK Legowo and not Insists

Political analyst from LIPI , Professor Siti Zuhro , hoping the former Vice President Jusuf Kalla ( JK ) legowo and not insist to advance further into the political arena . JK also asked not to be affected to be encouraged to be vice president .

" If Mr. JK legowo more noble . Indonesian To say the crisis is not the next generation , but it has been decreased to the Golkar Party Pak Bakrie and has been declared . If the party leader has the political power and is fully supported , " said Siti Zuhro the headline , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 .
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We have argued , support for Jusuf Kalla only come from the bottom and it was just a suggestion - usalan alone . JK success in 2004 may not necessarily be repeated.

" If he got no support from the party and the party would be . , But every era there are leaders , there is every leader 's era , " he said .

Siti added that people have seen that JK victory in 2004 was due to " SBY effect" . At that time , the President is almost certain to win when paired with anyone .

" In 2004 won because SBY towed . , But his win SBY , SBY paired with anyone wins . Tried broke up their partnership , so the candidate with Hanura fact ' cluck ' , Golkar pileg and lost in the presidential election , " he said .

Despite the high count surveys , Siti still not sure JK can reap significant noise when competing in the election . Many surveys are missed , Jokowi effect delivered pollsters also not proven . Currently , the behavior of voters already think critically and intelligent voters has increased .

" I lost confidence in the survey . Survey misses all , Jokowi effect was also shot . Survey was not able to measure the level of political psychology or public interest . With the number of young voters who reach 53 million , should promote the party elite in the spirit of the younger generation . 's Must accommodated elite political party , " he said .


Economist: SBY Could Cut Fuel Subsidies

Senior Economist at Standard Chartered Bank Ichsan rate, it's good the government is currently completing his homework beforehand , so the new government could focus on infrastructure projects .

One of the homework that must be completed is about subsidizing fuel oil ( BBM ) . He said that if the fuel subsidy is not trimmed , there is a risk the state budget deficit ( the budget ) will exceed 3 percent of Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) .

" If the House agrees , ( pruning ) can be done SBY , the new government could also be done in October or November, " said Fauzi , in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

He added that , if done Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ( SBY ) , he predicted that August is the month right . The reason , in the pattern of lower inflation , thus cutting fuel subsidies do not make the prices too volatile .

Fauzi was optimistic the House would approve the discourse Ministry of Finance ( MoF ) to lock in the subsidy of Rp 2,000 - Rp 2,500 per liter . That is , the economic price of oil , currently at USD 11,000 , the premium price adjusted at Rp 8,500 or Rp 9,000 per liter .

"If the discourse terealiasi , automatic domestic oil prices will fluctuate with international oil prices , but with a spread or margin is set, " he said .

According to him , the discourse is very likely approved by the House . The reason , the budget deficit should be kept at a ratio of 3 percent of GDP is a legal reason . "If it is exceeded , the President , the government , and Parliament , can be blamed . So it is very likely the House approved . , But returned again in the end that determines the increased fuel prices is the president , " said Fauzi .
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"The president could just say" Oh well not raised fuel prices , canceled construction projects aja " , " he added .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Vomiting does not go away, Liung Hanging Yourself

Liung ( 65 ) was found dead hanging himself at his residence in Kampung Bulak , Jatiasih , Bekasi . Allegedly , Liung desperate suicide due to stress illness never healed .

" His body was found hanged early this morning . Causes allegedly due to illness he suffered not heal , " said Head of Public Relations Bekasi Police when contacted Siswo AKP , Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) .

Liung first discovered by his wife , Wani ( 65 ) , at 03.00 . At that time , Wani up to cook rice . He was shocked to see her husband hanging on the bedroom door .

Siswo said , since a few months ago , Liung sick vomiting . This disease is thought to be the reason to hang themselves .

Siswo said , based on witness testimony , Liung had sent his son who was sitting in class 1 junior to move the bedroom the night before .

At the crime scene ( TKP ) , the police found evidence in the form of blue plastic rope along two meters .

One neighbor , Ahmad , told, Liung everyday work as a security guard at the Housing Graha Indah . Before it was found dead , Liung still work as usual .

Ahmad suspect Liung decided to commit suicide because the disease did not improve . In addition, the economic difficulties experienced by the victims also have been a factor Liung end his life .

" The victim had been sick , but he's still working . Rich karen reason he killed himself sick and economic issues as well , " said Ahmad .
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At present , the bodies Liung already in Kramat Jati Hospital for autopsy . The plan , Liung will be buried in his hometown of Karachi . The case is now being handled by the police Jatiasih .


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Create List 'Interest' on Facebook for Newsfeed The More Fun

Presented in millions of Facebook Pages the user can follow, ranging from celebrities, brands, musicians, news, groups and so on.

How best to organize favorite content appears to be more regular in your newsfeed? One way is to create a list of 'Interest' or A Facebook
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Create List 'Interest' 

Create a list of interest categories based on preferences, such as movies, music or a celebrity. Users can find the 'Interest' in the left hand column of newsfeed directly below the 'Group'. Point the cursor to 'Interest' to bring up the feature 'more'. Click 'more' to make a list of the user's own interest.

Select the appropriate Pages with interest 

After clicking the 'more' will show the option 'Create List'. Click 'Create List' to start selecting Pages have you 'like' this far into the list of 'interest' you. Just click Pages that users want to insert into the list and click 'Next' when done.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tigor Throw in PRJ because Jealous Toddler

Reason Tigor ( 30 ) toddler throwing a year , Frances , to PRJ on Sunday ( 04/06/2014 ) , it was revealed already . Apparently , he jealous because his girlfriend , Sides ( 23 ) , more attention to her child , Frances .

The unfolding of this case begins with the arrival of a grandmother named Cahrini ( 50 ) to the Police Pademangan . To the police , he claimed to be the grandmother of a baby who was then busy in the news . This skinny grandma knew her granddaughter was missing from the television media .

" I saw on TV when I was in the Police grandchildren . 's Why I went straight to it while carrying a birth certificate and pictures of my grandchildren , " said Cahrini , Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) .

To the police , Cahrini told the baby 's mother named side and stay in the Utan Kayu , Matraman , East Jakarta . Armed with that information , police immediately moved and scooped Tigor which was then being along side in kosannya , Tuesday ( 04/08/2014 ) .

To assure that the side is Frances 's mother , the police took him to the Police Hospital Kramatjati to undergo DNA testing . While mengunggu DNA test results came out, the side with the baby accommodated at the Social Protection of Children ( RSPA ) , Bambu Apus , Cipayung , East Jakarta .

Told side , on Sunday ( 06/04/2014 ) morning , he went with Frances and Tigor to the Atrium Mall , Senen , Central Jakarta . At that time , the three boarded a black Daihatsu Xenia police number B 1661 UZL Tigor belongs . After shopping at the Mall Atrium third contract was about to return to the side .

When passing minimarket in Kemayoran , suddenly stopped a car driven Tigor . Then the man from Medan , North Sumatra , this tells Frances Sides shopping purposes in the minimarket . Without unsuspecting son taken away , side stepped down from his car and shopping purposes it . However , 10 minutes after the shop , he was surprised the car carrying the F and Tigor no diparkiran .
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In front of reporters , side claimed to have six months of having an affair with Tigor . Along the way , Tigor often behave rudely to him .

" So the motive T does not want the child to be among them , " said police chief Pademangan , Commissioner Andrew Ananta Yudisthira . ( faf / suf )


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Australian Navy Fire Performers in Medsos Inappropriate Comments

Navy ( Navy ) Australian fired a number of members to upload inappropriate material on social media .

Reports of violations committed by a number of Australian Navy personnel ; broke out last January and immediately followed by an internal investigation to discover incidents carried out by a number of Navy personnel who served in the Border Sovereignty Operations .

One of the personnel is reported to have anti- Islamic comments uploaded on social media .

The report claimed at least 20 Navy personnel are members of the Australian Defence League , an anti - Islamic group affiliated with the English Defence League , who often use violence in the streets in the UK .
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One member of the Navy who became the subject of an investigation in response to a Facebook post that criticized the policy of asylum seekers , from someone claiming to be a member of the Australian Defence League ( ADL ) , he wrote the comment " I'm about to head out today to deal with these f ------ s . " or " I am now going to charge out to deal with this damn asylum seekers , "

A statement released today by the Deputy Commander of the Navy , Ray Griggs said that no Australian Navy personnel who are members of the Australian Defence League , but the number of personnel has been found to contain inappropriate comments on social media or have affiliations with different groups of social media is not consistent with the values ​​of the Navy.

Post this incident , the Australian Department of Defence ( ADF ) introduced guidelines for the use of social media are more stringent for their members in 2013 and in a statement when the Australian Department of Defence said it was not worth statement addressing the incident uploaded Australian Navy personnel very seriously .

Social media usage policy by the Australian Navy requires that Navy personnel may not post insulting material on gender, ethnicity or religion .

The statement said the Privacy Act relating to the Australian Navy personnel shall not provide specific information about the results of the handling of individual cases that have been investigated , especially if the individual's name has been mentioned or spread into the public domain .

In a statement released today also mentions that the personnel who post inappropriate material had been fired and had received a notice of dismissal unity .

While a number of other personnel receive disciplinary penalties and other sanctions violations including official warnings .