Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Two District of Troubled , Surabaya KPU recapitulation Delayed

Two District of Troubled , Surabaya KPU recapitulation Delayed
Two troubled districts make recapitulation process runs Legislative Election Commission Surabaya delayed until Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) . A number of witnesses of the parties had asked for a re- calculation of the sound .

The problems that arise in Kecamaan Wonokromo and the District Wonocolo . Witness Form DA1 parties protested as read by the KDP held plano D1 witnesses .
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" We decided to continue the recapitulation . Though the delay of the last day set on Monday, April 21 yesterday , " said Commission Chairman Surabaya , Eko Waluyo Suwardiono , .

According to Eko , additional time for recapitulation is not a problem , because the city of Surabaya consists of 31 sub-districts were not completed in the shortest time possible . " We expect two troubled districts could finish today , " he added .

Monitoring Okezone on location , these two districts recalculation is finished around 12:30 pm . A number of officers of Surabaya City Commission has recalculated the results recapitalize .

As known , these days , is the deadline for depositing the ballot box to the Provincial Election Commission . Because Wednesday, April 23 will be open plenary session at the Throne at 09.00 pm .

Election Commission data while in Surabaya , PDI-P winning by a vote 234 837 . Ranked second , with 103 655 Democrat Voice . Then , Gerindra third on the vote 97 206 votes.

Followed , Nasdem Party ( 28 456 votes) , PKB ( 69 615 votes) , MCC ( 48,355 votes) , Golkar ( 41 386 votes) , PAN ( 46 005 votes) , PPP ( 45,613 votes) , Hanura ( 43 803 votes) , the United Nations ( 5445 votes) , and PKPI ( 3,804 votes) .


Monday, April 21, 2014

Bring bread Crocodile, Mothers Jokowi Demo at Town Hall

About 30 women residents of Bukit Duri , South Jakarta , Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) afternoon , visited the City Hall courtyard to ask Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo in Jakarta finish the job for five years .

One of them wore Betawi wedding dress and carrying a crocodile bread . Meanwhile , another person who later speeches , Nurdiyati ( 62 ) , asked Jokowi to remain a governor and a presidential candidate discouraged .

" Now a lot of junk in my house and floods , Pak Jokowi . Where are your responsibility , sir ? " Nurdiyati said while giving speeches in front of the City Hall .

Nurdiyati then led his colleagues to call for slogans addressed to Jokowi . One of the slogans chanted by the tone of the children's song " Mount Up " . However , the song lyric , " Just remember your sweet promises , do not leave Jakarta . Flood , jam , still a lot of rubbish " .

Nurdiyati reveals the reason why he and his friends brought bread to Jokowi crocodile . Because, according to the tradition of the Betawi , crocodile bread symbolized as a loyalty . He hopes , Jokowi can accomplish their duties faithfully in Jakarta for five years .

" We are in love with Mr. Jokowi . 's Why we ask that Mr. Jokowi continues to be a governor . We ask this in the house of the people ( City Hall ) , sir , " said Nurdiyati .

Besides bringing bread crocodile , not a few who carried banners and posters . Posters bearing promises Jokowi campaigning as a candidate for governor in the 2012 Jakarta elections , such as the auction office , curb riverbanks , anticipating a flood , and so on .
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Meanwhile , the writing on the banner , " Jokowi .. It used to ente promised to beresin Jakarta . Now why even want to leave behind kite .. " .


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Al Qaeda kills 14 Algeria troops

ALGIERS - Al Qeada reported unexpected militia killed 14 Algerian soldiers . The fateful incident occurred at East Capital Algeria , Algiers .

The attack began when Army Algeria Tizi Ouzou is located in the region have recently returned from a mission to escort the presidential election . Suddenly they had an attack that left 14 soldiers dead .
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Reported by Reuters on Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) This bloody incident allegedly by Al Qaeda Islamic Maghreb ( AQIM ) . The group affiliated with Al Qaeda kelompo some countries blacklisted terrorism .

The attack also occurred bebeapa days after President Abdelaziz Bouteflika was re-elected . Tragically , Bouteflika promised in the campaign will keep the security situation in Algeria to remain conducive .

AQIM is one of the militia threat in North Afirka region including Algeria . AQIM eradication operation has been launched by the Algerian military , even since last January has been 37 militiamen were killed at the hands of AQIM Algerian military .


Friday, April 18, 2014

Clashes in Algeria, 70 people injured

The clashes in the restive Kabylie region of Algeria , between security forces and opposition youths presidential election , Saturday, causing about 70 people were injured , said local sources .

Youth groups separately trying to disrupt voting in the Bouira region , southeast of Algiers , raided polling places ( TPS ) in three locations after opening at 07.00 local time . Riot police fired tear gas to disperse them .

At least 70 people were injured , including 47 policemen , and the voting was temporarily suspended in Raffour , MChedellah and Saharij , the source said .

In Raffour , anti - regime sentiments are felt , with masked youths armed hostilities chanted facing the police who fired tear gas , an AFP photographer said .

They chanted slogans including " Ulach smah " ( " There is no forgiveness " , the Berber dialect ) , calls for revenge over the bloody suppression of protests in 2001 , in which more than 100 people dead .

Graffiti written on an iron barrier reads : " No to Bouteflika , not Benflis , yes to democratic transition , " referring to President Abdelaziz Bouteflika , who wants to be re-elected after 15 years in power , and his main opponent Ali Benflis .

In Ighrem , also in the region of Bouira , armed youths blocking the exit to the city , burning tires in the street , before police intervened to reopen it .

In the capital , where security forces were deployed in large, aggressive police arrested five protesters who chanted anti - regime , reports AFP reporter said .

Interior Minister Tayeb Belaiz insisted that elections take place " in good condition in 50,000 polling stations " across the country . He said on state TV that 23 percent of voters had cast their ballots at 13.00 local time .

President of Algeria who suffered a mild stroke last year and gave voice to a wheelchair , on Thursday , urging voters in large numbers because he is eyeing a fourth masabakti .

Despite chronic health problems , Bouteflika is widely expected to win the leadership contest against five other candidates .

But youth protest groups and a coalition of five opposition Barakat urged voters to avoid the election which they say is " false " .

Bouteflika's main election rival , Benflis , has repeatedly warned about the scam , which is described as the " main enemy " in the presidential election .
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Police forcibly dispersed a demonstration in Algiers organized by Barakat , Wednesdays, and captures some of its members .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

55% of Jakarta Citizens Groundwater Use

JAKARTA - PT Jakarta Propertindo Director , Budi Karya , said water service pipes through privately managed , PT Palyja and PT Aetra , to date only reaching 45 percent of the capital city.

" The remaining 55 per cent , still using ground water . Means that the right to water for the people of Jakarta are still not being met as a whole , " said Budi Joeang Building , Menteng , Central Jakarta , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) .

In addition , the rates have continued to rise even become a burden to society . So , who can enjoy clean water only their upper middle economic levels , while the poor have to " bite the fingers " . " That is why , we, the governor ordered enterprises to acquire Palyja that is declared to be sold , " he explained .
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However , the plan was in fact not as easy as expected. To purchase the entire stock of water in order to re -run the country , is still hampered by a binding legal contract that has been running since 1998 and continues to be extended until now . " Not necessarily terminate it . Must use a clever way to break down the problem , the Business to Business ( B to B ) , no matter the administration , between the pure and Jakpro Palyja . By providing a better return than using other means than immediately terminate the contract , " he said .

Director of PAM Jaya Sri Widiyanto Kedari said intervene Jakpro use the B to B , is expected to enable the Government to acquire the cheaper price . " Why do not PAM Jaya alone are acquired ? Because we are tied to an agreement . And have to pay approximately Rp 3 , 7 trillion to buy . Jakpro But if through enterprises , can be much lower approximately Rp2 , 1 trillion , " he said .

And to date , it has not yet materialized acquisition . In fact , the city government has Palyja takeover target by the end of 2013 ago .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Observer : Should JK Legowo and not Insists

Political analyst from LIPI , Professor Siti Zuhro , hoping the former Vice President Jusuf Kalla ( JK ) legowo and not insist to advance further into the political arena . JK also asked not to be affected to be encouraged to be vice president .

" If Mr. JK legowo more noble . Indonesian To say the crisis is not the next generation , but it has been decreased to the Golkar Party Pak Bakrie and has been declared . If the party leader has the political power and is fully supported , " said Siti Zuhro the headline , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 .
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We have argued , support for Jusuf Kalla only come from the bottom and it was just a suggestion - usalan alone . JK success in 2004 may not necessarily be repeated.

" If he got no support from the party and the party would be . , But every era there are leaders , there is every leader 's era , " he said .

Siti added that people have seen that JK victory in 2004 was due to " SBY effect" . At that time , the President is almost certain to win when paired with anyone .

" In 2004 won because SBY towed . , But his win SBY , SBY paired with anyone wins . Tried broke up their partnership , so the candidate with Hanura fact ' cluck ' , Golkar pileg and lost in the presidential election , " he said .

Despite the high count surveys , Siti still not sure JK can reap significant noise when competing in the election . Many surveys are missed , Jokowi effect delivered pollsters also not proven . Currently , the behavior of voters already think critically and intelligent voters has increased .

" I lost confidence in the survey . Survey misses all , Jokowi effect was also shot . Survey was not able to measure the level of political psychology or public interest . With the number of young voters who reach 53 million , should promote the party elite in the spirit of the younger generation . 's Must accommodated elite political party , " he said .


Economist: SBY Could Cut Fuel Subsidies

Senior Economist at Standard Chartered Bank Ichsan rate, it's good the government is currently completing his homework beforehand , so the new government could focus on infrastructure projects .

One of the homework that must be completed is about subsidizing fuel oil ( BBM ) . He said that if the fuel subsidy is not trimmed , there is a risk the state budget deficit ( the budget ) will exceed 3 percent of Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) .

" If the House agrees , ( pruning ) can be done SBY , the new government could also be done in October or November, " said Fauzi , in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

He added that , if done Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ( SBY ) , he predicted that August is the month right . The reason , in the pattern of lower inflation , thus cutting fuel subsidies do not make the prices too volatile .

Fauzi was optimistic the House would approve the discourse Ministry of Finance ( MoF ) to lock in the subsidy of Rp 2,000 - Rp 2,500 per liter . That is , the economic price of oil , currently at USD 11,000 , the premium price adjusted at Rp 8,500 or Rp 9,000 per liter .

"If the discourse terealiasi , automatic domestic oil prices will fluctuate with international oil prices , but with a spread or margin is set, " he said .

According to him , the discourse is very likely approved by the House . The reason , the budget deficit should be kept at a ratio of 3 percent of GDP is a legal reason . "If it is exceeded , the President , the government , and Parliament , can be blamed . So it is very likely the House approved . , But returned again in the end that determines the increased fuel prices is the president , " said Fauzi .
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"The president could just say" Oh well not raised fuel prices , canceled construction projects aja " , " he added .