Monday, March 31, 2014

Battery Galaxy S5 Rated Promising, Really?

Many smartphone manufacturers are able to produce handsets with powerful processors and presents a high-resolution screen . But not many of them are able to serve the handset with a capable battery life .

However, a test conducted Phone Reviews , Tuesday ( 04/01/2014 ) , indicating that the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is quite promising . This latest device is even able to beat other smartphones in its class and is only surpassed by the device that carries a larger capacity battery , like phablet and tablets .
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By setting the screen brightness and illumination modes are quite high as well as Wi - Fi is active , the Galaxy S5 battery can light up more than 7 hours . The capacity of the battery itself is the Galaxy S5 2800 mAh with a screen that is slightly larger than its predecessor 5.1 inches .

South Korean vendors are also reported to have a breakthrough in anticipation of battery life problem by providing application PowerXtend .

Application manufacturers from Israel , Lucid also provides a number of other software packages , such as NavXtend for navigation , GameXtend to play games , and WebXtend for browsing .

If the function is adapted to its use , it can optimize application performance GPU with the battery power has been adjusted to be more frugal . (see also: situs download aplikasi gratis)

We conducted tests in the event the Consumer Electronics Show ( CES ) 2014 in Las Vegas in January 2014 , PowerXtend able to reduce battery consumption significantly.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Landscape Preserve , Promote Green Economy Indonesian Bird

Freshmen - Burung Indonesia last year to promote green economic development in East Halmahera through a variety of activities which include two major aspects of business development and environmentally friendly society capacity building of stakeholders in the sustainable management of land use .
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Both aspects are carried out on the basis of the results of a comprehensive study and use the facts on the ground . This was disclosed in a convivial event Burung Indonesia and discussion to enliven the celebration of the birthday of the East Halmahera 9th Bappeda housed in the hall , Tuesday ( 29/5 ) .

Green Economy or often called Low Carbon Economy is the economic development that results in improved human well-being and social equity , while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcity .

Mohammed Muslich , Indonesia Bird Conservation Program Officer said that the program is done can not be separated from efforts to support national policy reduction of greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change . "The forest became our main focus . Nationally , the greatest emissions come from aspects of land use and forestry . Percentage reaches 47 % " said Muslich .
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The implementation of the program supported by various studies that include spatial analysis of land use , calculating the economic value of ecosystems and biological diversity , tenure review , study home economics , and financial analysis of the development of agroforestry ( mixed garden ) .


Friday, March 7, 2014

Know the Forest Season

Understanding Forest Season
Monsoon forest can be termed as a form of forest biomes commonly found in tropical and subtropical regions or monsoon climate ( dry and wet ) with similar kinds of plants . These areas have a warm climate throughout the year , but experience a dry season ( dry ), no less in length over several months . However , rainfall was down in this area up to several hundred millimeters per year , can be even more .
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In the long dry season many plants were forced to abort their leaves . Of course , this could affect the lives of the creatures in the woods season . Hence , it is called seasonal forest or some are calling the whole forest leaves . In English , the term is commonly referred to as tropical seasonal forest ( tropical seasonal forest ) , tropical and subtropical deciduous forest ( forest with falling leaves in the tropics and subtropics ) , tropical and subtropical dry broadleaf forest ( broadleaf forests in the tropics and subtropics ) , or summarily dry tropical forest ( tropical dry forest ) .

Characteristics of Forest Plant Season
The characteristics of plants that normally meets monsoon forest trees that are drought resistant and includes plants tropofit which means being able to adapt to a dry state and wet state . In the dry season ( dry ) , leaves of trees in the forest will molt season , whereas in the rainy season , the leaves will grow bushy .

Forests season usually are named according to the dominant vegetation in the forest . If in Indonesia , you can imagine such as teak forests , or forests Angsana . The majority of monsoon forest in Indonesia are generally found in areas of Central Java and East Java . While in the world , mostly in India are monsoon forest and Southeast Asia . Fauna that can be found in the forests of the season are deer, wild boar and tigers .

The Role and Benefits of Forest Season
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Monsoon forest also has a very large role for the earth because the strong trees as flood control , storage and ground water control , prevention of landslides , producing timber and forest products , soil fertilizer , as well as factors that affect climate and natural beauty , especially if it is located in a mountainous area .


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Staring at Stars from Behind the Sparkling Bubbles

Attrap 'RĂªves Allauch, France

A re-built using the materials cycle. Shaped like a ball, a plastic bubble dome is eligible for occupancy. Each transparent bubble offers panoramic views of the surrounding. Located 10 miles east of Marseille.
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the hotel is only six in a natural environment away from the city center. This place is perfect for a holiday with family perfection.

The hotel owner is very guaranteeing the confidentiality of any visitor who live in this bubble. Each bubble has identity and decorations vary depending on the desires of visitors.
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Obviously this place is different from outdoor adventure like in general, the concept of a tent. This bubble allows visitors to spend the night under a clear sky without being interrupted by changes in weather, insect or gangguand ari. Price of approximately 109 euros per night.