Thursday, March 13, 2014

Landscape Preserve , Promote Green Economy Indonesian Bird

Freshmen - Burung Indonesia last year to promote green economic development in East Halmahera through a variety of activities which include two major aspects of business development and environmentally friendly society capacity building of stakeholders in the sustainable management of land use .
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Both aspects are carried out on the basis of the results of a comprehensive study and use the facts on the ground . This was disclosed in a convivial event Burung Indonesia and discussion to enliven the celebration of the birthday of the East Halmahera 9th Bappeda housed in the hall , Tuesday ( 29/5 ) .

Green Economy or often called Low Carbon Economy is the economic development that results in improved human well-being and social equity , while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcity .

Mohammed Muslich , Indonesia Bird Conservation Program Officer said that the program is done can not be separated from efforts to support national policy reduction of greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change . "The forest became our main focus . Nationally , the greatest emissions come from aspects of land use and forestry . Percentage reaches 47 % " said Muslich .
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The implementation of the program supported by various studies that include spatial analysis of land use , calculating the economic value of ecosystems and biological diversity , tenure review , study home economics , and financial analysis of the development of agroforestry ( mixed garden ) .


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