Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Staring at Stars from Behind the Sparkling Bubbles

Attrap 'Rêves Allauch, France

A re-built using the materials cycle. Shaped like a ball, a plastic bubble dome is eligible for occupancy. Each transparent bubble offers panoramic views of the surrounding. Located 10 miles east of Marseille.
( see also: lomba burung )

the hotel is only six in a natural environment away from the city center. This place is perfect for a holiday with family perfection.

The hotel owner is very guaranteeing the confidentiality of any visitor who live in this bubble. Each bubble has identity and decorations vary depending on the desires of visitors.
( see also: lomba burung murai batu )

Obviously this place is different from outdoor adventure like in general, the concept of a tent. This bubble allows visitors to spend the night under a clear sky without being interrupted by changes in weather, insect or gangguand ari. Price of approximately 109 euros per night.


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