Monday, May 19, 2014

Domestic bank Rated Hold Confront Crisis

Bank Indonesia ( BI ) rate the banking industry has high endurance in the face of a crisis , because the performance is still quite good .

According to the Executive Director of BI Darsono macroprudential policy , good performance was one of them visible from the capital adequacy ratio , aka capital adequacy ratio ( CAR ) are still well preserved .

" The financial industry , especially banks have a strong enough cushioning and high durability . 's Capital adequacy ratio is still good and quite strong . CARs In 2013 about 18 per cent , now it is over 19 percent . Industrially like that , the performance is good , " Darsono said Bank Head Office , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) .

In addition to the CAR is still quite high , Darsono also highlights the ratio of non performing loans (NPLs ) are still likely to be low , ie below 2 percent . In fact , the range of net NPL was lower than that number . " Our banking intermediation is still solid . Currently still grew 18.9 percent , " he said .
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In terms of credit , Darsono revealed , the regulator has given directives to the banks so that lending in the range of 15 to 17 percent . However, until now there are still some banks that extend credit over a predetermined range .

" There are some banks who are still targeting credit above range . Some time ago FSA ( Financial Services Authority ) confirmed that bank lending is more than that and is not supported liquidity it will be directed to return to the target , " he explained .


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