Thursday, May 22, 2014

There Jokowi Competition Vs Prabowo Behind Open-aperture Pristono?

Udar Pristono use the services Eggy Sudjana and Partners Advocates and Counsellor at Law to defend him in a case of alleged corruption in the procurement and BKTB TransJakarta rusty . Eggy Sudjana also known as a member of the campaign team -vice presidential candidate Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa .

Will this case be given a political opponent in the 2014 presidential election later Prabowo is Joko Widodo , Jakarta Governor , who is also the boss Udar Pristono ?

Razman Arif , a member of the legal team Pristono asserted that the case has nothing to do with politics and the presidential election .
( read: blackthroat )

" I reiterate , Mr. Pristono press conference yesterday to demand justice pure and has nothing to do with politics or election , do Joko Widodo as Jakarta Governor , " said Razman , when contacted by reporters in Jakarta , Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .

Razman expressed are not afraid to various statements Jokowi legal team of Alex Lay and Todung Mulya Lubis , held on Thursday afternoon , at 19 Pine Street , Central Jakarta . He said everyone is entitled to ask his opinion , and to subsequently convey factual information received .

" For us as a power law , if there is a press conference Jokowi legal team , yes go ahead . We are not afraid , " said Razman .

Udar Pristono designated as suspects in the alleged corruption procurement Busway project and BKTB the Jakarta Transportation Agency in 2013 valued at Rp 1.5 trillion by the Attorney General . Determination Pristono as a suspect based on the investigation warrant number : Print-32/F.2/Fd.1/05/2014 dated May 9, 2014 . AGO also specify other suspects besides Pristono .

Another suspect is Prawoto , Director of the Center for Technology and Systems in the Transportation Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology ( BPPT ) . Determination Prawoto as a suspect based on the investigation warrant number : Print-33/F.2/Fd.1/05/2014 dated May 9, 2014 . In this case , Pristono has twice undergone examination by the investigator .

The first examination was held on 7 April 2014 . Meanwhile , a second examination was held on May 9, 2014 . At the last examination , Pristono was examined as a witness before the two suspects , namely DA and ST .


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