Thursday, April 17, 2014

55% of Jakarta Citizens Groundwater Use

JAKARTA - PT Jakarta Propertindo Director , Budi Karya , said water service pipes through privately managed , PT Palyja and PT Aetra , to date only reaching 45 percent of the capital city.

" The remaining 55 per cent , still using ground water . Means that the right to water for the people of Jakarta are still not being met as a whole , " said Budi Joeang Building , Menteng , Central Jakarta , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) .

In addition , the rates have continued to rise even become a burden to society . So , who can enjoy clean water only their upper middle economic levels , while the poor have to " bite the fingers " . " That is why , we, the governor ordered enterprises to acquire Palyja that is declared to be sold , " he explained .
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However , the plan was in fact not as easy as expected. To purchase the entire stock of water in order to re -run the country , is still hampered by a binding legal contract that has been running since 1998 and continues to be extended until now . " Not necessarily terminate it . Must use a clever way to break down the problem , the Business to Business ( B to B ) , no matter the administration , between the pure and Jakpro Palyja . By providing a better return than using other means than immediately terminate the contract , " he said .

Director of PAM Jaya Sri Widiyanto Kedari said intervene Jakpro use the B to B , is expected to enable the Government to acquire the cheaper price . " Why do not PAM Jaya alone are acquired ? Because we are tied to an agreement . And have to pay approximately Rp 3 , 7 trillion to buy . Jakpro But if through enterprises , can be much lower approximately Rp2 , 1 trillion , " he said .

And to date , it has not yet materialized acquisition . In fact , the city government has Palyja takeover target by the end of 2013 ago .


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