Sunday, April 13, 2014

Vomiting does not go away, Liung Hanging Yourself

Liung ( 65 ) was found dead hanging himself at his residence in Kampung Bulak , Jatiasih , Bekasi . Allegedly , Liung desperate suicide due to stress illness never healed .

" His body was found hanged early this morning . Causes allegedly due to illness he suffered not heal , " said Head of Public Relations Bekasi Police when contacted Siswo AKP , Monday ( 04/14/2014 ) .

Liung first discovered by his wife , Wani ( 65 ) , at 03.00 . At that time , Wani up to cook rice . He was shocked to see her husband hanging on the bedroom door .

Siswo said , since a few months ago , Liung sick vomiting . This disease is thought to be the reason to hang themselves .

Siswo said , based on witness testimony , Liung had sent his son who was sitting in class 1 junior to move the bedroom the night before .

At the crime scene ( TKP ) , the police found evidence in the form of blue plastic rope along two meters .

One neighbor , Ahmad , told, Liung everyday work as a security guard at the Housing Graha Indah . Before it was found dead , Liung still work as usual .

Ahmad suspect Liung decided to commit suicide because the disease did not improve . In addition, the economic difficulties experienced by the victims also have been a factor Liung end his life .

" The victim had been sick , but he's still working . Rich karen reason he killed himself sick and economic issues as well , " said Ahmad .
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At present , the bodies Liung already in Kramat Jati Hospital for autopsy . The plan , Liung will be buried in his hometown of Karachi . The case is now being handled by the police Jatiasih .


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