Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Involved Shooting Army personnel charged under Article Layered NasDem Post

Banda Aceh Military Court began hearing Heri Shafitri PFC ( 31 ) . Heri lend his gun to the shooter in the Village Post Nasdem Party Kunyet Mulee , Matang Kuli subdistrict , North Aceh .

In addition to lending arms , soldier Bataliyon Iskandar Muda Military Command Infantry 111/Raider it also consume methamphetamine with two shooting suspects , namely Rasyidin alias Umar alias Mario and Membe , who is now detained at Police Headquarters Aceh .
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The session was led by Lieutenant Colonel Budi Purnomo accompanied Chk judges Chk Mayor and Mayor Arwin Makal Sus Dahlan Suherlan with the agenda of the indictment . The defendant comes into the courtroom wearing a camouflage uniform , Tuesday ( 29/04/2014 ) .

The military prosecutor , Major Chk Uje Koswara , indicting Heri has lent SS2 type firearm with 13 bullets to the perpetrators . Between Heri is in charge of securing Object Vitas Exxon Mobile Oil North Aceh and two suspects are close friends .

" On February 16, 2014 there has been a shooting of Nasdem Party Post by witness 1 ( caliphs ) and witness 2 ( Umar ) using rifles , inventory units into the handle defendant , " he said .

At first , the day before the incident , caliphs and Umar met in a home . Both invite Heri to hunt pigs , but he refused . The reason , his wife was pregnant . " Let me be the fire," said Heri Rasyidin assured that lend their weapons .

Having echoed Heri , Rasyidin unwrapping methamphetamine . " The defendant with witness 1 methamphetamine consumed together , " says Uje Koswara .

In the early days , the defendant returned to the post to pick up weapons . Then along caliphs, Umar both headed home in the Village Arun Pirak , District Matang Kuli . There, Heri handed the gun to the caliphs . " This ammunition 13 grain please do not spend," he said .

Rasyidin then returned to the Post -owned motor Rasyidin . While the caliphs, Umar and two other men went with Avanza car carrying guns and spotlights .

According to trial counsel , at approximately 5:30 pm , caliphs came alone to see the Post Heri to return the weapons following 13 rounds of ammunition plus pay Rp400 thousand . After leaving the post , Rasyidin Heri telephoned to ask him maintain good bike.

Two hours later , after getting the information post NasDem Party Line Road Exxon Mobile Kunyet Mulee shot , Heri immediately telephoned Rasyidin ask if they are doing it .

When Rasyidin answered " yes " , Heri instantly angry . " You really like it , you promise it to hunt pigs , " he said, as recited in the indictment Uje Koswara .

Caliphs tried to calm Heri through the end of the phone , " it's safe Ri , no problem . "

For the offense, the Military Judge Advocate entrap the coated article , the Military Criminal Code Article 148 , Article 12 of Law No. 35 of 2009 and Article 1 of the Emergency Law No. 12 Year 1951 concerning misuse of firearms .

While the defendant PFC Heri through Legal Counsel , Captain Chk Beni Kurniawan , stated , did not raise objections ( exception ) on charges of military prosecutors . " We think ( the charges ) already meet the elements , " he said .

Chief Law Enforcement Iskandar Muda Military Command , Captain Chk Sharif told reporters AA said it did not tolerate violations committed soldier . " The trial today is proof of our commitment to law enforcement , " he said .

Separately , Head of Public Relations Aceh Police , Police Commissioner Gustav Leo , said the shooting suspects Post Nasdem in North Aceh , caliphs and Umar still under investigation . Both are still in custody at police headquarters .

" We try to file quickly completed for us submit to the prosecutor , " he said .

Gustav can not promise whether it could bring the two suspects as a witness in a case in the Court of Military Heri PFC . However , if it can not be presented directly , he said, it will be handed over to the police investigation file Military Court judges as witnesses consideration .


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