Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Australian Navy Fire Performers in Medsos Inappropriate Comments

Navy ( Navy ) Australian fired a number of members to upload inappropriate material on social media .

Reports of violations committed by a number of Australian Navy personnel ; broke out last January and immediately followed by an internal investigation to discover incidents carried out by a number of Navy personnel who served in the Border Sovereignty Operations .

One of the personnel is reported to have anti- Islamic comments uploaded on social media .

The report claimed at least 20 Navy personnel are members of the Australian Defence League , an anti - Islamic group affiliated with the English Defence League , who often use violence in the streets in the UK .
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One member of the Navy who became the subject of an investigation in response to a Facebook post that criticized the policy of asylum seekers , from someone claiming to be a member of the Australian Defence League ( ADL ) , he wrote the comment " I'm about to head out today to deal with these f ------ s . " or " I am now going to charge out to deal with this damn asylum seekers , "

A statement released today by the Deputy Commander of the Navy , Ray Griggs said that no Australian Navy personnel who are members of the Australian Defence League , but the number of personnel has been found to contain inappropriate comments on social media or have affiliations with different groups of social media is not consistent with the values ​​of the Navy.

Post this incident , the Australian Department of Defence ( ADF ) introduced guidelines for the use of social media are more stringent for their members in 2013 and in a statement when the Australian Department of Defence said it was not worth statement addressing the incident uploaded Australian Navy personnel very seriously .

Social media usage policy by the Australian Navy requires that Navy personnel may not post insulting material on gender, ethnicity or religion .

The statement said the Privacy Act relating to the Australian Navy personnel shall not provide specific information about the results of the handling of individual cases that have been investigated , especially if the individual's name has been mentioned or spread into the public domain .

In a statement released today also mentions that the personnel who post inappropriate material had been fired and had received a notice of dismissal unity .

While a number of other personnel receive disciplinary penalties and other sanctions violations including official warnings .


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