Monday, April 21, 2014

Bring bread Crocodile, Mothers Jokowi Demo at Town Hall

About 30 women residents of Bukit Duri , South Jakarta , Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) afternoon , visited the City Hall courtyard to ask Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo in Jakarta finish the job for five years .

One of them wore Betawi wedding dress and carrying a crocodile bread . Meanwhile , another person who later speeches , Nurdiyati ( 62 ) , asked Jokowi to remain a governor and a presidential candidate discouraged .

" Now a lot of junk in my house and floods , Pak Jokowi . Where are your responsibility , sir ? " Nurdiyati said while giving speeches in front of the City Hall .

Nurdiyati then led his colleagues to call for slogans addressed to Jokowi . One of the slogans chanted by the tone of the children's song " Mount Up " . However , the song lyric , " Just remember your sweet promises , do not leave Jakarta . Flood , jam , still a lot of rubbish " .

Nurdiyati reveals the reason why he and his friends brought bread to Jokowi crocodile . Because, according to the tradition of the Betawi , crocodile bread symbolized as a loyalty . He hopes , Jokowi can accomplish their duties faithfully in Jakarta for five years .

" We are in love with Mr. Jokowi . 's Why we ask that Mr. Jokowi continues to be a governor . We ask this in the house of the people ( City Hall ) , sir , " said Nurdiyati .

Besides bringing bread crocodile , not a few who carried banners and posters . Posters bearing promises Jokowi campaigning as a candidate for governor in the 2012 Jakarta elections , such as the auction office , curb riverbanks , anticipating a flood , and so on .
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Meanwhile , the writing on the banner , " Jokowi .. It used to ente promised to beresin Jakarta . Now why even want to leave behind kite .. " .


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