Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Observer : Should JK Legowo and not Insists

Political analyst from LIPI , Professor Siti Zuhro , hoping the former Vice President Jusuf Kalla ( JK ) legowo and not insist to advance further into the political arena . JK also asked not to be affected to be encouraged to be vice president .

" If Mr. JK legowo more noble . Indonesian To say the crisis is not the next generation , but it has been decreased to the Golkar Party Pak Bakrie and has been declared . If the party leader has the political power and is fully supported , " said Siti Zuhro the headline , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 .
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We have argued , support for Jusuf Kalla only come from the bottom and it was just a suggestion - usalan alone . JK success in 2004 may not necessarily be repeated.

" If he got no support from the party and the party would be . , But every era there are leaders , there is every leader 's era , " he said .

Siti added that people have seen that JK victory in 2004 was due to " SBY effect" . At that time , the President is almost certain to win when paired with anyone .

" In 2004 won because SBY towed . , But his win SBY , SBY paired with anyone wins . Tried broke up their partnership , so the candidate with Hanura fact ' cluck ' , Golkar pileg and lost in the presidential election , " he said .

Despite the high count surveys , Siti still not sure JK can reap significant noise when competing in the election . Many surveys are missed , Jokowi effect delivered pollsters also not proven . Currently , the behavior of voters already think critically and intelligent voters has increased .

" I lost confidence in the survey . Survey misses all , Jokowi effect was also shot . Survey was not able to measure the level of political psychology or public interest . With the number of young voters who reach 53 million , should promote the party elite in the spirit of the younger generation . 's Must accommodated elite political party , " he said .


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