Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hero figure behind the Spider Costume

Every human being must have both idolized superhero comics, movies, novels and other stories. I also have an assortment of superhero who idolized both domestic and negeri.Salah one character or figure that I like is a human spider or better known as Spiderman.

There are several things that make me like Spiderman figure that is: before becoming a superhero Spiderman man named Peter Parker was a shy teenager and diligent in school and have a harmonious family, although only a grandfather and grandmother. These characters can represent millions of teenagers around the world that teenagers who look geeky and plain it can be a superhero who helps a lot of people because it has a sincere heart.
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The second thing that makes me like Spiderman is the unique ability to climb a high wall without the aid of any tools. This makes me want to climb the office buildings in Jakarta when the lift queue in a crowded office and want to quickly get to the office immediately without going through the elevator. The third thing is mudahdikenali costume in blue and red and the spider symbol on his back.

Spiders identic with scary animals because the color is black and no one can shut off when exposed to the sting, known as the tarantula. With brightly colored costumes and properties were helper image into a spider likeable from children to adults.

I can not be denied and the general public need a superhero that can help those who are weak physically, financially and health because there are many inequities in the welfare of the general public, especially in Indonesia. Hopefully with the Spiderman movies inspire people to be more concerned with others and provide help with Iklhas sincere and if you have more ability should be addressed with humility.


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