Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tigor Throw in PRJ because Jealous Toddler

Reason Tigor ( 30 ) toddler throwing a year , Frances , to PRJ on Sunday ( 04/06/2014 ) , it was revealed already . Apparently , he jealous because his girlfriend , Sides ( 23 ) , more attention to her child , Frances .

The unfolding of this case begins with the arrival of a grandmother named Cahrini ( 50 ) to the Police Pademangan . To the police , he claimed to be the grandmother of a baby who was then busy in the news . This skinny grandma knew her granddaughter was missing from the television media .

" I saw on TV when I was in the Police grandchildren . 's Why I went straight to it while carrying a birth certificate and pictures of my grandchildren , " said Cahrini , Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) .

To the police , Cahrini told the baby 's mother named side and stay in the Utan Kayu , Matraman , East Jakarta . Armed with that information , police immediately moved and scooped Tigor which was then being along side in kosannya , Tuesday ( 04/08/2014 ) .

To assure that the side is Frances 's mother , the police took him to the Police Hospital Kramatjati to undergo DNA testing . While mengunggu DNA test results came out, the side with the baby accommodated at the Social Protection of Children ( RSPA ) , Bambu Apus , Cipayung , East Jakarta .

Told side , on Sunday ( 06/04/2014 ) morning , he went with Frances and Tigor to the Atrium Mall , Senen , Central Jakarta . At that time , the three boarded a black Daihatsu Xenia police number B 1661 UZL Tigor belongs . After shopping at the Mall Atrium third contract was about to return to the side .

When passing minimarket in Kemayoran , suddenly stopped a car driven Tigor . Then the man from Medan , North Sumatra , this tells Frances Sides shopping purposes in the minimarket . Without unsuspecting son taken away , side stepped down from his car and shopping purposes it . However , 10 minutes after the shop , he was surprised the car carrying the F and Tigor no diparkiran .
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In front of reporters , side claimed to have six months of having an affair with Tigor . Along the way , Tigor often behave rudely to him .

" So the motive T does not want the child to be among them , " said police chief Pademangan , Commissioner Andrew Ananta Yudisthira . ( faf / suf )


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