Sunday, April 27, 2014

Power Outages During the month in Lampung Not Logical

Power outage in the area of ​​Lampung to the next month is considered very harmful to society . The Ombudsman Representative stated reason PLN Lampung Lampung killed power distribution is not logical .

As the state agency that oversees public service providers , the Ombudsman Representative Lampung , Lampung expressed PLN currently problematic in its performance to serve the public . " PLN always argue if challenged, " said Chief Ombudsman Representative Lampung , Zulhelmi , the ROL weekend .
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PLN 's incoherence reason , he argued as instrumental for the presidential election and the upcoming world cup , then with arbitrarily extinguish PLN electricity to its customers until next month .

Ombudsman has repeatedly rebuked and asked for clarification of the government -owned enterprises associated with the appointment and performance. PLN always argue a power outage due to a technical problem .

To the Ombudsman , PLN had promised to solve the electricity problem in the area of ​​Lampung until this April . In fact , until the end of April outages still occur . Ombudsman will charge PLN promises , because public service is not a free pass PLN .

Deputy Manager of Legal and Public Relations PLN Lampung I Ketut Darpa , has stated power outage in the area of ​​Lampung occurs because PT PLN Lampung is conducting wire replacement ( rekonduktoring ) 150 kV transmission . The impact , Lampung will experience rolling blackouts during the next month .

According to him , the replacement of the conductor to increase the capacity of the high voltage airways become double the previous capacity . In addition , an increase in capacity in order to supply electrical energy to support the growth of new customers , both for industry , hotels , and households .


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